Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marine Corps Ball Update

Okay the shawl is not turning out good.  I've tried three different patterns and still....not good.'s looking like crap.  I'm calling Vanna now! 

The $25.00 dress will cost $40.00 to alter.  Massive amounts of fabric need to be removed from the chest area.  :)  The shoulders need to be taken up and excessive amounts of fabric under the armpits removed.  A team of professionals are working on it as we speak....:)  Challenger got off the ground with less help :) 

I found shoes that match the dress perfectly.  We recently had a DSW store built 40 minutes away from us.  OMG I hate shopping for shoes but I could learn to like it at that store :)  They had a pair of Mootsie's Tootsies that matched perfectly. They had a lot of hooker shoes too......yeah I tried them on :)  The sales lady also showed me things I can stick on to the shoes so I don't bust my rump.  

Off to the good yarn shop to see if I can find something else to work with...the clocks ticking.  If I'm not binding off the stitches as we are giving the car to the valet parker, I'll be happy.

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