Monday, October 17, 2011

Marine Corps Ball Shawl Update

Update: It's not good.  The mohair one is looking very Little House on the Prairie.  The "Fruit Loop" shawl is very fruit loop. It does not scream Marine Corps Ball.  It screams "Take me to Hawaii or the Bahamas!"  The Vanna shawl was starting to look better to me.  I was almost done making it when the dog decided to walk across my lap. Her nail got stuck in the yarn, pulled it and now there is a big gap in the shawl. Maybe it will block out?  Maybe everyone around me will drink so much that nobody will notice.  Maybe the ballroom will be dimly lit? So I started another one in pinks and a little bit of taupe...not fuzzy.  And as a back up plan, I bought an off white silky shawl at Macy's today....just to take the pressure off....oh the shame store bought....ewww.  :)

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