Thursday, October 6, 2011

Different Yarn(s)

Seriously by the time the Marine Ball arrives, I will need anti-anxiety medications.  Police work was less stressful.  Back then all I had to worry about was someone bleeding on me.  The good ole days.  I went to my favorite yarn shop to see if I could find something, ANYTHING, to make a shawl for the ball.  I was wandering around holding my Mootsie Tootsie when a very nice lady asked me if I needed help.  Gee ya think :)   

I bought two yarns because I couldn't make up my mind (and yes I had to tell her all about my $25.00 dress.  I'm thinking of taking out a front page ad in a newspaper.  :) )

I have spent nine times more on the yarn for ANY   shawl  to match the $25.00 dress than I have on the $25.00 dress.  But I've already decided the unused portion of Vanna is being returned.  

The yarn on the right is a mohair, silk and wool blend.  Translation:  I'm going to be shedding all over the Marine.  I'll just make a purse big enough to hold a lint brush.  Customers gave me their unsolicited opinions...and I was happy to hear them.  One said the mohair yarn is great if I want to look like a wall flower.  I can do wall flower.

I have the pattern to the shawl below (which was made out of Lana Grossa Baby Kid). I made this same shawl  before out of the Lana Grossa so I know it's do-able for me.  Hopefully the yarn I bought today is  magic yarn so I will end up looking like this sultry vixen. 

Lana Grossa Baby Kid Mohair Shawl

 Everything on the label is written in it could be magic yarn for all I know.  :)

 The yarn on the left is La Boheme made by "Fiesta".  Oh my gawd even the name makes it sound like it is probably a mistake.  FIESTA!!!!!  The color is "Misty Morning" and if you look really hard there is a touch of the mocha/taupe color of the dress in it.  It reminds me of "Fruit Loops."  I can do "Fruit Loop" or wall flower.  I'm a Gemini :)  But what if this is the year where ever woman at the ball is wearing black....except me.  My head hurts. 

I bought the Fiesta Famous Shawl pattern at the shop.  (Pictured below the sultry vixen.)  I have my doubts about the fringe.  I'm not a fringe-y kind of gal...but without the fringe, it's probably a little bit too much "Little House on the Prairie."   

This past weekend I helped a friend work her booth at a Sewing and Quilting Expo.  I got to do a lot of people watching and saw so many creative women wearing their creations. Most of them had hair with attitude too and looked so sophisticated and put together.  So maybe I'll try being one of those women (for a change).  Maybe I'll have Barbara Jean (my beautician) dye my hair "reddish" again.     

So in approximately one month, I'm going to try and make two shawls!!!  I can do this.  I have to....My dress has no sleeves and my arms are not my best feature :) I just won't have time for superfluous things like grocery shopping,  cooking meals, cleaning house, koochie koo-ing the dog or for that matter the Marine.  :)

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