Sunday, September 4, 2011

Probably going to be a Christmas present for someone.....

 Okay we're still cleaning up from Hurricane Irene....40 plus industrial plastic bags of debris taken to the county landfill over the past week.  Yesterday we cut apart three of the fallen trees. By we I mean my husband operated the chain saw and I dragged the schtuff out and piled it up. I've already learned how to run the leaf blower and a generator because of Hurricane Irene so I've met my quota of power tool usage.  On the 17th we can rent a chipper and get rid of that massive pile of schtuff.  Still have three trees leaning toward the house so I'll just sleep with one eye open for a while until we can find someone to take them down.  Did a couple of more hours of work on the mess today and made two trips to the landfill.  A smart wife would have just gotten up early, skipped off to the mall and hoped the cleanup was magically finished when she got home.  I'm not that smart.  I wasn't the only woman at the landfill hauling debris out of the back of the pickup.....There were other women there...we should have all carpooled to the Mall. Anyway after I called it quits, I finished up a quilt top that only needed to have the borders put on it.  Thimbleberrie Safe Haven fabrics by RJR from a long long time ago were used for the border.  The biggest challenge was getting the stripe in the center of the outer border to match at the miter.  Took a little bit of fussing but it turned out nice.

The fussy part

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Catherine South said...

Lovely quilt. I especially liked the fabric you've used.