Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marine Corps Ball ...the last one :)

The Marine Corps Ball is coming up.  It is my annual nightmare. I haven't gone for the past couple of years but I promised my husband I would go this year because it is is LAST ONE while on active duty.  So the hellish hunt for a dress began this week. I haven't consumed a carb in weeks.  I'm 12 lbs. lighter and you would think that would help...but it doesn't.  Monday I drove an hour to the mall.

I hit three major department stores and a couple of smaller shops.  The dresses were all horrors.  I'm tall and long waisted.  I'm not sure who designers design for but my waist does not start two inches below my breasts.  One dress I couldn't figure out how to get back on the hanger.  At one point, I was stuck in a dress and afraid I might dislocate my shoulders attempting to escape from it.  I realized I hit rock bottom when I was trying on the lime green dress and trying to convince myself that it wasn't that bad.  

I headed to the food court and drowned my sorrows in a Sbarro's salad no dressing or croutons.  Do I know how to party or what?  I came home with a picnic basket from the Pottery Barn and a chili mix from Williams and Sonoma.  This could explain a lot right?

Tuesday I went to a local bridal shop...more horrors. As I was leaving, I walked by a clearance rack OUTSIDE the store. This is the stuff they are so happy to get rid of they don't care if someone steals it.  I thought what the heck, I'm here I'll flip through the rack.  I found a dress in my size that was not a horror. It is too bland to be a horror.  It was originally $165.00 but was marked down to $25.00.  I tried it on.  With a little bit of alteration, it will work and if it doesn't, I don't care because it was only $25.00.  The bad news's polyester so I can't cut it up in the future and put it in a quilt.  :(  .
Here it is:
Grandma of the bride must have changed her mind and decided to get another dress.

 Then I went to Michael's craft store to see if they had any yarn to make a shawl.  They had a yarn that was the perfect match for the dress with a little sparkle of silver on it. Yes that is Vanna White on the label.  After an exhausting week at work turning letters, Vanna knits.

So coming soon.... a matching evening bag and shawl.  Pattern by Lion Brand yarn for the evening bag.

Look at the look on her face.  She's mad dogging him.  He promised her she'd never have to go to another one of these after he retired.  If she stabbed him with a butter knife after this picture was taken who could blame her :)


Rilly said...

I know where you're coming from when it comes to dress shopping but it's the photo of the couple that grabbed me. When my husband proposed 58 yrs. ago I told him "on 3 conditions....I will not be a farmer's wife, a politician's wife or a military wife". Thank God he agreed to all 3.

kathy b said...

ha ah ah !!!

Your dress and shawl plans are amazing YOu'll look wonderful. I love the color of your dress.
The ending image is hysterical with your thoughts

Celtic Heart said...

Rilly I couldn't be a politician's wife either....they always look so put together. It must take an awful lot of work :) I would be willing to give farming a try though....they don't have to move as often as the military :)

Celtic Heart said...

Kathy is it me or does that old Marine look hammered?? :)