Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Crazy Quilt

Variation of the Buggy Barn Crazy Pattern
Used up a TON of my Halloween fat quarters.  I'll be teaching a class for this quilt in October. 
I wasn't crazy enough to buy a matching orange bed spread just for the month of October.  I am crazy enough to dye an old chenille bedspread with a box of tangerine and brown RIT dye. It may need another dye-ing with more brown.  It's still a bit too tangerine for me.  Maybe I'll decorate with some fake spider webs....oops nevermind there might be some real ones around :)


The White Farmhouse said...

Beautiful job! I can just imagine how much work and thought went into doing this. Wow! I am off now to look at more of your blog.

Celtic Heart said...

Thanks "Farmhouse" :) Actually it was not hard and it took me less than a week to piece the top. With this Buggy Barn pattern, you are cutting out 6 to 8 blocks at one time. The piecing is very forgiving. I'm teaching this as a class at the local quilt shop.