Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recycled Jumper

Still cleaning up after Hurricane Irene.  While I was in the "man cave" today looking for the commercial size Hefty bags to stuff with ....our yard, I saw one of my old jumpers on the yard sale pile.  I must have been in a "Little House on the Prairie" mood when I bought this horror.  Thankfully I threw it on the yard sale pile before Stacy and Clinton discovered it in my closet :) I decided to turn it into an apron.  I'm not really into recycling.  We're not forced to do it where we live and I figure if I was meant to sift through my garbage, I would have been born a raccoon. Anyway during my fleeting earth friendly green moment, I turned the jumper into an apron.  I may be able to get a second one out of it.  Somebody notify the EPA or Green Peace :)
Ugly Little House on the
Prairie Jumper

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