Sunday, August 21, 2011

Halloween Crazy Quilt Almost Done

 I should be done with this quilt in a week or so.  I plan on hanging it behind the bed in the master bedroom around Halloween.  My bedspread is green and wouldn't look good near this soooooooooooo  today I dug out an old chenille off white and dyed it. Could not find a rust color or a country orange. The closest I could find was "tangerine" RIT dye.  The color did not work so then I dyed it again and tossed in two boxes of tan RIT dye.  That toned it down a bit.   

Old off white bedspread

Tangerine Dye

Not Quite Right

2 Boxes of Tan to tone it down

The bedspread is in the dryer now. Will post picture later.

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