Monday, June 6, 2011

Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show

I put the photos in the blog as 'small' so don't forget you can click on the picture to super size it.   
My love of cheddar colored quilts continues.

Spent the weekend helping my friend Michelle man her booth (Michelle's Quilts n Things) at the Quilters Unlimited Quilt Show in Chantilly, VA. What a nice show.  Real quilts made by real people.  A nice change from those highly competitive quilt shows. And the show is run by the nicest bunch of ladies you'd ever want to meet.  

I bet she has the same pair of shoes at home :)

Classic blue and white quilt

I have one of these in me to do :)  Lovely.

This quilt is so simple. Gee "only" 3600 2" squares!!  Yet it was done perfectly and hung incredibly straight. Not even the hint of a ripple in the edges.  Hats off to the quilter and the longarm quilter!!   

Antique Quilt

I think this was a Bunny Hill pattern.

Quilt Inspired by PFC Jessica Lynch

More Cheddar :)

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Rilly said...

I came from a long line of quilters on my mom's side and tied patchwork quilters on my dad's side, but sadly neither me nor my sisters ever had the patience to do either. I'm amazed at the artistry today's quilters have and envy them. Maybe in my next life. I'll be following your blog.