Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing in the dirt today

Local Amish Nursery

That's okay...I can wait.

That's one of my old bike baskets.  My friend Jean refers to my bike as the "Jessica Fletcher" model....from "Murder She Wrote".  Jean's a very professional type biker. She wears the biker shorts, the racing shirt and the helmet.  I don't wear the professional biker outfits....and I usually have my little dog in the back basket along with the drinks and snacks :)  Someone has to be practical :)  

The buckets only look old.  I bought them brand new and used an antique-ing finish to rust them up.

I have high hopes for my porch. The moles, rabbits, deer and squirrels have eatten everything top to bottom that I've planted in the yard.  I'm hoping they won't climb on to the front porch.   
Okay maybe I'll try growing my own herbs so I won't have always convert the recipes to the jarred ones.  We'll see. I really could use a manicure right now....but first I'll scrape the manure out from under my nails. 

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