Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ham, Poblano and Potato Casserole

Before adding white cream sauce

After adding white cream sauce

Topped with Cheddar Cheese

Is this Easter Dinner or Easter Massacre?

Not your typical Easter dinner recipe but right now my
house is smelling wonderful.
This recipe is from the Great Tasting Potatoes Cookbook by Favorite Brands Recipes
I made a few changes.
1.  I used an 8 oz. package of Julienne diced ham strips instead of dicing up my own ham.  (John Morrell Brand -it's actually meant to be used with salads)
2.  I used a can of corn with red and green peppers mixed in with it.
3. When making the white sauce, I used 1 cup of Half and Half and 1/2 a cup of fat free milk.  The sauce turned out really thick and creamy. 
4. Instead of butter, I used Heart Smart make up for the 1 1/2 cups of cheese that it is topped off with.

The hubster loved this...I didn't eat any of it...since I'm on a perpetual diet.  Seems awfully unfair that it took me 50 plus years to become a good cook and I'm getting too fat to enjoy it :)  When I first got married and was really thin (but didn't know it or appreciate that fact)...I could screw up Hamburger Helper. Also the smell of grease makes me involuntarily gag so instead of washing the frying pans, I would throw them out.....which was why I only bought cheap frying pans back then. But when the hubster realized that's what I was doing and why, he volunteered to wash anything greasy for me.  :)

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