Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is it too soon to think about Christmas 2011?

Only 356 more days and we get to do it all over again :)

Ever have one of those Christmases where everything turns out right?  Christmas dinner turned out great. I tried all new side dish recipes and none of them were duds.  The cookie swap was a success.  Everything I had to bring food wise to other people's houses turned out good.  Gift shopping was easy this year. I did most of it during the year and never had to hit a mall.  Decorating the house this year turned out just right. Even the decorations on the outside of the house looked the best they have in years :)  I look foward to doing it all again next year :)  And just to take the edge off of putting all the decorations away, I started this counted cross stittch project tonight :)

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