Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't get me started.....

While reading another quilter's blog, I sort of got on a rant.  One of the ladies there commented that she has drastically reduced the number of quilt magazines that she gets.  I totally agree with her and have done the same.

Part of the reason is to reduce clutter...less is really more. The home organization and decluttering class I took at the community college really has paid off :) If it isn't nailed down or vital to my existence, it's history.  My husband is looking a little nervous :)   But another reason is that after a while all the patterns start to look the same. After quilting for 25 years, it is quite possible I have seen it all and there is nothing new under the sun. I'm noticing the patterns in magazines are just slight variations of traditional patterns and nothing I couldn't figure out on my own. Likewise, my creative inspiration is coming from fellow bloggers. America is full of amazing creative women and what I wouldn't do to have some of them sit around my kitchen table on a Friday night quilting and knitting.

And don't you just hate those publishers who feel the need to seal their magazines up in plastic. It's a magazine people, not plutonium!!!! And just not worth taking the chance that you will get it home, break into it, and there will be not one pattern in there that you would even remotely consider making. Sorry Fons Sorry Porter but it stays on the store shelf...unless of course someone who thinks like me has been there before me and ripped into the seal without setting off alarms so I can manage to take a peak at the top secrets in there.

Another reason I dump quilt magazines is when they get political or start commenting on controversial social issues or pushing an agenda. Then it's time for me to cancel my subscription. I quilt to escape the real world :) Spare me the controversy and politics for ten minutes and let me drift into my Happy Zone please.  :) 
Anyway I apologize for the rant.  I didn't mean to turn into the quilting world's version of Dennis Miller.  I may have to cut back on my quilt blog reading...I think my blood pressure just shot up :)

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