Saturday, September 25, 2010

St. Mary's County Fair

 First pair of socks ever. Second place :)  Very cool :)

Looks like someone OLD is getting 2nd place ribbon winning socks for her 50TH BIRTHDAY!!!!



Congrats on the ribbon! I admire anyone who knits as I have never learned how. I use to do lots of crocheting many years ago. I even have a spinning wheel just like yours! A German guy over in Germany made it for me when we lived there (air force). That was 20 years ago and here it still sits! lol Instead,fiber arts and quilting took over my life.

Celtic Heart said...

I'm not much of a crochet-er. I can make granny squares but I hate putting them together. It's not to see that you have quilting and fiber arts to keep you out of trouble :)