Friday, April 30, 2010

Hankie Quilt In The Works

Made using the 2004 RJR Hooked on Hankies line. 
Just need to put the borders on.


Heather A said...

Thanks so much for posting about your hankie quilt! My Mom and I have amassed a large number of hankies and, after having made 2 quilts with them already in two different styles (and we've hardly put a dent in the pile of hankies), I can't wait to emulate what you're making! So pretty! I hope you don't mind if we use your idea?

bangone S said...

So creative. I think knitting and quilting is really unique and the item means a lot when you give it to people as a gift. I always want to quilt my kids blankets while they're a baby but I'm just not a creative person. And don't have much patient with it.