Sunday, August 23, 2009

House Hunting

Words I never thought would come out of my mouth..... "Do the sheep come with the house?"


Beth in AZ said...

you are househunting? staying put in VA? Guess what I got? ::;big cheesy grin::: a new to me Gammill Classic Plus! YUP...I FINALLY did it. my knees are still knocking...hehehehehe

Celtic Heart said...

Hey Beth, Congrats on the Gammill. If I ever get to one of the long arm conventions again, we should try and get together :) How are you liking it????

We're in Southern MD now and no we won't be staying here. Not sure where we'll end up. After 27, or what will end up being 30 yrs., of military gypsy life, I'm not sure where we belong but I know for certain it's not Southern Maryland :) This place is the "land of inconvenience". Everything worth while doing always involves at least an hour drive to get there :) Note to self: Never live in a place described as "centrally located"...Translation: Nothing good here but equal distance to all the good places :) New Hampshire is a possibility or maybe Upstate NY. Either way I'll have to learn how to drive in the snow again...not that I was that spectacular at it ever :) And I'll probably start wearing turtlenecks Labor Day :)