Saturday, May 2, 2009

Almost done stripping and sanding Grandma's Hutch

It's coming along slowly but I'm almost done stripping and sanding Grandma's hutch which I recently found out was not Grandma's hutch but was originally Great Grandma's hutch. So my very first refinishing project is on an antique made not in the 1920s but the late 1800s. No pressure though :) As soon as I get done sanding it, I'm taking it to a local Amish man who does furniture renovations so he can stain it for me and add a satin finish. The Amish man already fixed the doors for me. The local glassman is making me glass shelves for the top portion of the hutch. I had to order two oak knobs from Restoration Hardware and they should be here next week. Thankfully all the other hardware could be shined up and polished because I could not find replacements that were the same measurements. Gee go figure :) Then it goes in the back of the truck and gets brought back to Dad's house in NY.

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