Thursday, March 19, 2009

Restoring Grandma Nora's Dining Room Hutch

This is my grandmother's dining room hutch sitting in the downstairs of my father's house. It's been there for decades unused and not taken care of. The rest of the dining room set has been wrecked. This is the only possible save-able piece. My best guess is that it was made in the late 20s or early 30s. Here's the top of the hutch before I did anything to it. If you're thinking this hutch hasn't seen a can of Lemon Pledge in a couple of decades, you're right :)Plopping on the "Ready Strip"
I left the "Ready Strip" on for over 24 hours and then started scraping the sludge off of the hutch. This is just what the top looks like after taking off the "Ready Strip" and cleaning it up with a very little bit of water, sponge and paper towels. The drawers with all the designs and nooks and crannies are going to take a lot more time. The whole project is still going to take a ton of elbow grease. I'll post pictures when finished.
Does anyone have the phone number to Norm Abrams? I could use a little help from The New Yankee Workshop about now. :) Maybe Norm could lend me some of his neat woodworking tools. More work on the hutch:Still working on it. Using the less than earth friendly strong stuff now and power tools. Will probably have to work on it for at least two more weekends before I can think about staining it.

This was Grandma on her honeymoon in 1928. Nice cigarette Grandma :)

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