Saturday, January 3, 2009

Helmet Liners for Soldiers

My friend's son, Brian, left for Afghanistan on December 27th. I'm in the process of making helmet liners to keep him warm. He wants me to make 10 so he can share with his buddies. This pattern is located on this website.

Finished my first one. 9 more to go :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Annemary's Birthday Scarf and others

This is part of my sister's birthday present. As soon as I can pry the cat out of the box, I'll get it ready to mail to her.
Found the yarn at the "Yarn Garden" in Annapolis.
Pattern "Flying Vee" by Iris Schreier in Exquisite Little Knits at the Library
I liked the pattern so much that I made two more. The green one uses Lamb's Pride Wool and the pink one is a hand dyed merino I got at the big knitting show in Baltimore.

The pink and green scarf is a little too bold for my sister's taste but it was fun to make. Called the "Stacked Wedge" scarf from Lynne Barr's book "Knitting New Scarves.". Made out of Cascade 200 yarn. A friend's 13 yr. old daughter loved the scarf pattern but wasn't too fond of the hot pink and kelly green so I'm making hers in baby blue and white. Picture to come soon.

This is just a diagonal scarf. Made out of Merino hand dyed yarn.
Pattern is at this web site.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My amazing friend Cheryl

Ordinary quilters and knitters get their quilt batting and yarn at the local quilting and knitting shops. Not my friend Cheryl. The woman is amazing. She knits, quilts, gardens and runs a farm. If she had more spare time, she'd probably find a cure for cancer. She raises her own sheep and spins her own yarn. Sometimes she sends it off to a company who turns it into yarn or quilt batting for her. Now she added these three really cute alpacas to the herd. I want one :) But I'm sure our neighborhood association probably has a no alpaca clause in the bi-laws. Cheryl gave us some of her yarn the other day. I'm going to turn it into something special...maybe an Aran Christmas stocking. For a city girl to actually know the sheep that created the Christmas stocking is pretty cool. I just hope she never invites me to dinner and we have lamb chops.