Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vintage Style or Antique Quilts

I love the old vintage style quilts. My favorite magazine is Vintage Quilts, even if it's publication dates are unpredictable.

"Lord, let me grow old like beautiful lace, cherished and treasured and cared for with grace." Unknown author, but I just love this quote.

"I desire no future that will break the ties of the past." George Eliot

Pattern is from a back issue of "Vintage Quilts" magazine. Top finished in 2006 and it still isn't quilted yet. Will hand quilt it and hope to have it done before I'm eligible for a senior discount. :)

Coming soon or eventually: 1940s mint green and cream colored Whirly Gig Quilt top. It looks like the Nazi symbol so when World War II broke out, ladies never finished them. I bought it on Ebay really cheap. It is in pristine condition and someday I'll finish it for the unknown quilter. It's king size and I hope to hand quilt it someday.

I bought this quilt top unfinished on Ebay for a whopping $40. Quilted it up on my long arm. It has feed sacks in it and you can read the writing in spots.

Machine appliqued and quilted on the long arm machine. Was going to donate this one to the church fund raiser but didn't think the pattern name was appropriate :)

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