Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quilt Guild Activities, Friendship Groups and On Line Swaps

"Into my quilts, I stitch the memory of our friendship." Roxy L. Burgard

I did some work for RJR Fabrics testing patterns and making models for patterns that would appear in quilt magazines. These two blocks were part of a group project to make a pattern by Robert Callaham called "Robert's Flowers."

This quilt was part of the Annapolis Quilt Guild "Crayon Challenge." We had to reach into a bag, pull out a crayon and whatever color the crayon was....that was our quilt color. The first color I grabbed was white. The woman took pity on me and let me try again. The second color I pulled out was battleship I haven't been around that long she let me try a third time and I picked out bright yellow. Walked away happy :) Mctavish quilting in the background on the long arm.

A bunch of friends wrote down their favorite recipes and swapped the blocks.

When I was living in So. Cal., the quilt guild in San Juan Capistrano had a challenge. We were given ugly brown fabric and had to use it in our quilt. I used mine mostly for the birds.

The blocks in this quilt were from an Internet Swap. The ladies wrote words of advice they heard from their mothers growing up. Several reference wearing clean underwear. One says "When you grow up, do you want to be an aroma or an odor?"

This quilt has 2000 squares in it. I traded 2 1/2 squares with quilters from all over the world during the end of 1999 to celebrate Y2K. I spent New Year's Eve Y2K working patrol and listening to gun fire.

9 patch blocks swapped by Southern Ca. friendship group

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