Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pieced Quilts

Your basic ugly just to clear out some leftover scraps.

Sunflower Mystery Quilt

Your basic ugly :)

For a while I had my real job (dealing with scumbags) and my fun job working in a quilt shop. The owner asked me to make the mystery quilt for the store (like I didn't have enough mysteries in my life). I really didn't want to do it so I used my ugly fabric and didn't even put a border on it. Just wanted to get it done. I know this quilt is in the house somewhere but I couldn't tell you where :) Anyone want it

Proof I've made one too many trips into Lancaster County, PA.

Lone Star- Made this while taking a class at Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis, MD

Did this using up my Thimbleberrie fall scraps. The set in diamonds along the border were a bugger to do.

Quick and easy get er done quilt.

Machine pieced and hand quilted.

While I was working as a cop, I also did some work for RJR Fabrics as a pattern tester. This was one of Jenny Beyer's patterns I tested prior to it appearing in a quilt magazine.

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