Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My amazing friend Cheryl

Ordinary quilters and knitters get their quilt batting and yarn at the local quilting and knitting shops. Not my friend Cheryl. The woman is amazing. She knits, quilts, gardens and runs a farm. If she had more spare time, she'd probably find a cure for cancer. She raises her own sheep and spins her own yarn. Sometimes she sends it off to a company who turns it into yarn or quilt batting for her. Now she added these three really cute alpacas to the herd. I want one :) But I'm sure our neighborhood association probably has a no alpaca clause in the bi-laws. Cheryl gave us some of her yarn the other day. I'm going to turn it into something special...maybe an Aran Christmas stocking. For a city girl to actually know the sheep that created the Christmas stocking is pretty cool. I just hope she never invites me to dinner and we have lamb chops.

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