Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Quilts

Thimbleberrie Fabrics. Hand quilted.

The girls in the So. Cal. friendship group swapped Christmas blocks. Kar got her inspiration from a Best Buy ad when she made her reindeer block. I made the bear block.

I'm trying to make everyone in the family a Christmas stocking. This year I made one for my sister in law Pat. Last year Little John got one for his first Christmas. . The year before that, it was my sister in law Theresa's turn and the year before that, I did one for my niece Catherine. I'm going to try and get one done for my grand niece Nevaeh.

Made this one at one of the quilt retreats in Idaho.

Barbara in Georgia and I made this together. I did the top snowman and Barbara did the one below.

Machine appliqued, machine quilted. Specialty fabric needed.

Coming soon: Leggy Christmas Angel

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