Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Patriotic Knit-along Project

Socks made as part of the Conservative Knitters Patriotic Knit-along event.  Just say no to the pussies :) 

The yarn is a combination of Berroco Sock (the blue) and Mint Rain Hand Dyed from Etsy (red and white self striping).  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Patriotic Conservative Knit Along Project

My conservative knitting group is doing a patriotic knitalong.  We can knit anything we want as long as it's red, white and blue.  Doing our bit to make knitting great again :) MKGA :). 

The pattern for the hat is Sheep Love by Tree of Life Designs.  Free on Ravelry.  

I'm also working on a pair of red, white and blue socks.  Pictures soon.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Photography class assignment #2

Well I finally figured it out...a day late but I got it eventually.  I really do feel like a monkey with this camera sometimes. Did I mention the owner's manual is written in Spanish and the operating DVD is in Chinese?  You can't make this up.  :). 

We had to intentionally blur the foreground and have the background clear.  Next week's assignment is to shoot something moving fast. One shot needs to be clear and the other needs to show whatever is moving as a blur.  No auto settings can be used.  Wish me luck :) 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Photography Class Homework

Photograph homework class #2.  Intentionally blur the background...something about depth of field.  I couldn't do the second assignment....something else about depth of field...no idea what's going on..thank God it's not for credit and is just a continuing education class.  

Friday, March 17, 2017

Photography Class Homework

Before my trip to Ireland, I thought I'd learn how to actually use my camera which has way too many buttons on it.  Between the class and the Canon Rebel For Dummies book, I think I may figure this out before September.  Worst case scenario, I take all my pictures with the iphone :) 

First assignment was to take a picture with the camera in manual mode and figure out the ISO, aperture and shutter speed on your own.  

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Happy St. Paddy's Day followers :). 

I just made the best corned beef, cabbage and vegetables I've ever made. I'm not even a really big fan of corned beef or cabbage.  I bought an Instant Pot.  I had the entire meal done in an hour.  It took 45 minutes to cook 2.5 lbs. of meat and then ten minutes to cook the vegetables.  I love this contraption and I'm still learning how to use it.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Another day, another march, another "pout out".  

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mathews Street Vest

This pattern was in the recent knitting magazine.  It took me 3 weeks to knit.  It was knit from the bottom up on circulars and and the front and back are knit at the same time up to the armpits and then fronts and backs are knit separately. The yarn is Rowan DK wool.  The mother of pearl buttons I had picked up years ago at either an antique store or quilt show for $3.00.    Working now on to UFOs and will post soon.  One is a cotton sweater and the other is a repeat of the Soft Shoulder Warmer pattern I made twice already (but it's a fun one).

Blocking before armbands and button bands.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Haters be hating but we're still smiling over the Patriots' incredible come back in the Super Bowl.  Just got my shipment of Lorna's Laces "Foxborough" yarn.  The sock yarn fingering version of the yarn is called "Roger That".  May have to get some of that too.  Splitting this with my friend Cheryl...not sure what I'll make with it....something to wear while watching next year's Super Bowl I'm sure :). 


St. Paddy's Day Leprechaun


After making the Jean Greenhowe Santa, I found this leprechaun on Ravelry.  I made him using leftover yarns from other projects.  I changed the pattern a bit.  I did crochet beard, made the arms and legs and body longer, used beaded eyes and did a French knot for the nose.  He's got filler beads in his arse to give him some weight and sit easier.  I attached the hat last because I used the top of his noggin to secure threads for his eyes, mouth and nose.  I also hid some secured under the back of his collar.  I also had to modify the buckle on his belt. I just could not get a decent buckle following the knitted instructions so I embroidered it on.  Here's the link to the pattern:  http://home.alphalink.com.au/~woodsy/freerufuspat.htm.

Blogger is still botched up and kicking me off......so I'm typing what I need somewhere else and just copy pasting it here.  So far that's working out. Jeesh :)

Saturday, February 11, 2017


The pattern is Reyna. Great pattern for an odd ball single ball of yarn.  The yarn is Island Yarn Pagoda and the color was "Hot Air Balloon".  I'd never buy it again. Really disappointing.  
Finished project soaking for blocking. This was approx. 15 seconds into the soaking.  The water eventually got darker too.
What the yarn looked like before soaking.  Bright and cheerful like a hot air balloon.  
The color after soaking. Really disappointing. Blah, muddy and boring.

Picture of leftover yarn taken under same lighting conditions as the finished shawl.  The yarn is Island Yarn Pagoda and the color was Hot Air Balloon.  Incredible chagne in the color after a brief soaking.  Total bummer.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl

Suck it haters!!!  The best football game ever!  #GOAT Suck it Goodell!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl

Do your job!  Let's go Patriots!!!  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

British Pullover

It took me approx. 4 weeks to make this. The pattern is Cheryl Oberle's British School Pullover from her Folk Vest book.  I used Rowan's Pure Wool DK Superwash. There was a problem with the pattern in the neck decrease area for the front.  Assistance from my FB knitting group and fifteen credits of college math algebra finally became useful.  

Notice the row of cables to the right of the V-neck.  That last cable looks too long.  The knitter stopped doing the cable-ing when she started running out of all the stitches needed to do the cable. What she could have done is do a 3 stitch cable.  It looks worse being long and nobody would have noticed if she cabled with one less stitch. That's a trick I learned from Judith Durant.  
Being blocked

Sunday, January 29, 2017


And especially not me. 

Folk Vest

I'm making the Cheryl Oberle British School Pullover from her book Folk Vests.  There is a vague area in the directions near the V-neck but with the help of my Facebook Knitting group and 15 credits of college algebra, I was able to figure it out. X=6.  Unfortunately this was not one of the corrections listed as mistakes on the Interweave Press website. :(

I need to print out the rest of the mistakes in this book because there are a lot of other vests in the book I want to make.  Finished pics soon but this is it so far.  Yes Diana it's gray, my fav :)